Sophia Brown


Halloween Movies


Keeping in line with the holiday festivities, I thought I'd share my Halloween favorites with their equally fantastic film posters. Considering that in a past life I was a F.Y.E. employee who took her job way too seriously and in a future (hopefully near future) life I'll be a trustworthy movie critic, you should watch these. Seriously, all B.S. aside, watch these.

Rosemary's Baby

Shout out to the ladies: Ira Levin who wrote the book this screenplay was based off of and Mia Farrow who played Rosemary in Roman Polanski's film adaptation, Rosemary's Baby. Beautifully shot in 1960s New York, this movie has Satanic cults, gorgeous sets, and that fabulous New-England-Old-Hollywood accent that has almost entirely died out. 


The Shining

If you haven't seen this you really should get out from that rock you've been under. Most of you with a pulse know Kubrick's take on Steven King's The Shining, it's a story about a haunted hotel and the family who inhabits it during it's secluded off season. It's on Netflix. Now get to it.



Credit goes to my S.O. for finding this one. This movie is Italian so there are subtitles but it's visually stunning nonetheless. Lighting and special effects are done in a way that you never really see in American cinema. Blood is bright cadmium while rooms are lit in red and blue lights. The sound track is also by Goblin, the theme is so catchy that I frequently include it on playlists. 

Sophia Brown